Brand Values

We're a work in progress. 

Let’s be honest, the world doesn’t need another clothing brand. Selling something new in general is never truly sustainable, so we won’t be trying to make any false claims that we’re saving the world here (yet! we’re still trying). 

Here's what we are doing:

  • Small limited edition runs of our capsule collections to minimize risk of over-producing items
  • Using our extra fabric to make additional products like masks and scrunchies to dramatically reduce our fabric waste 
  • We've selected 100% silk as a natural fiber that is biodegradable, renewable, and uses less resources and chemicals than many other common and synthetic fibers.
  • Using eco-friendly packaging and partners like our NoIssue packaging and mailers. 
  • Producing versatile and high quality wardrobe staples that are always in season. We are anti-fast fashion and encourage people to buy items from small businesses that they'll love for a long time and can wear year around.
  • By working with emerging fine-artists to create limited edition prints, we hope to imbue our clothing with a little extra meaning and energy to make it a special piece a person wants to keep for years. 
  • We are a very small, all female team that is committed to elevating other women, artists, and creatives through our collaborations and employment. 


What we promise: That we’re building a brand where doing the right thing is always a top priority and that we will continue to improve as we grow. If you have any feedback for us on how you think we can do better, send us an email at