Artists and Collaborations

We collaborate with emerging artists to design limited-run prints to make our pieces more meaningful and to showcase the work of some incredible artists. Bold graphics, unexpected colors, truly exceptional styles you won’t find anywhere else, but in cuts and fabrics that you can keep in your closet forever.

The way we see it: you’re already a work of art, now your clothing can be too. 

About the Artists

Mirjam Debets, Featured Artist

Amsterdam-based illustrator and animator Mirjam Debets brings her fantastical, eclectic perspective to Lej with the Mirjam and Sakura prints. Learn more about her work at

Sakura Bready, Print Designer

LA-based designer and creative director Sakura Bready has worked extensively with prints and brought Mirjam’s beautiful illustrations to life on our pieces. Learn more about her work at

Michelle Nguyen, Logo Designer

Bay Area-based Creative Director and agency founder Michelle Nguyen created our brand logo as well as the Lej Logo print. Learn more about her work at

If you're interested in working with us to design a print or know someone you think could be a good fit, please send us an email at!