Silk Care

So, why silk?

Silk is known as the queen of fabrics, so what else would we use?

It’s luxurious, soft yet resilient, a natural fiber, great for your skin, and its breathability means it naturally regulates your body’s temperature, making it ideal for living in, working in, and lounging in. 

Silk’s durability also means that it’s made to last, so with the proper care (it’s easy, we promise) our pieces are a lifestyle for a lifetime.

Care Deets 

You CAN dry clean your silk pieces - but if you're thinking it's the only way, stop right there! ✋ 

Silk can be cared for easily (and by hand) right where you are at home (and it has been for centuries!). 

Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure it is actually time to wash - you typically won't need to wash your 100% silk items after every wear. If you hang your pieces up nicely between wears you should be able to get many wears between washes. Frequency is up to you, only you will know when it is time!
  2. Hand wash cold or lukewarm separately in a sink, bowl, or tub
  3. Use a detergent intended for delicates OR a pH balanced soap (like baby shampoo or Ivory - hack!) 
  4. Keep the hand washing relatively quick (a few minutes is all you should need) and don't soak! 
  5. Add a splash of white vinegar to your rinse water (up to 3 tablespoons per two quarts of water, but you can eyeball it) to keep the silk shiny and colors bright (this is especially important if you don't use a delicate/pH balanced soap
  6. Hang to dry wet and heavy OR press between two towels to gently remove some of the water without wringing out the fabric, then hang to dry. 
  7. Steam to release wrinkles or iron while damp (or sprits with a little water before ironing)
  8. Enjoy!